Kessler Kennels LLC., Bees, & Farm

Small family farm offering professional bred American Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs, and Natural Raw Honey.

Why Choose Us?

Kessler Kennels LLC., Bees, & Farm strives to provide the healthiest animals and honey.  Our breeding programs consists of temperament and genetic testing.  All of our puppies are vaccinated with 6 and 8 week age appropriate vaccines, and all are micro-chipped, dewormed, and crate training is started prior to heading to their forever home.   We consult closely with our Reproductive Veterinarian Canine Specialist to produce the highest quality pet for you.  All of our puppies spend time acclimating to people and other animals; our two young boys, Timothy and Jayce, spend much of their day playing and interacting with the puppies.  If you are interested in our Natural Raw Honey, we take pride in producing a quality product that is healthy and environmentally friendly.  Please support our Bees!

Highly recommend Kessler Kennels if you are looking for a good, healthy pup.  I have one from them and he is a hoss, very healthy and smart.

David Hayden


Bascom, Ohio

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